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Performance First

Proudly Malaysian, B&B Labs pushes skincare beyond the conventional by integrating traditional modalities with the latest technology. The result is a line of skin solutions unmatched both in terms of diversity and efficacy. B&B Labs researched high and low to achieve the perfect products for you, from ingredients to treatment methods, no matter how exotic. The result of this continuing journey is a range of cosmeceuticals unsurpassed in variety, depth and breath.

Successfully marrying Asian ingredients best known for their curative and transformative properties, with proven methods to activate their cosmeceutical powers, B&B Labs are compelled to rigorously examine the quality of their ingredients, the potency of their actives and the efficacy of their formulas.

You can find B&B Labs at Beauty & Co, both companies sharing the belief that customers only deserve the best ingredients on their skin; there is no doubt to this collaboration. Rooted in Asia, with a global perspective, B&B Labs break through the ordinary to deliver sustainable results with our professional cosmeceuticals through one primary focus: Performance First! Rewriting the rules of skincare, Beauty & Co is always ready to work with partners who are not afraid to cross boundaries, especially in beauty.

B&B labs Glyco Glow Cleanser

B&B labs Beetroot Betain Hybrid Mask-Cleanser

B&B labs Express Blemish Spot Away Solution 

B&B labs Blemish Control Clarifying Cream-In-Gel

B&B labs Black Tea Blemish Banish Serum

B&B labs Acne Starter Kit