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Developed and formulated in France, B&Co Professionnel is the creation that was brought to life by the Beauty & Co team. With more than 30 years combined experience, the team at Beauty & Co developed B&Co Professional in 2018 and never looked back. Travelling to the world’s most prestigious beauty exhibitions and events, the passion for beauty was strongly instilled into the hearts of the B&Co Professionnel team. 

As soon as B&Co Professionnel was created, the team tirelessly spent 18 months on research and development to source for ingredients suitable for their clientele. In meeting the criteria they used to select the ingredients and key active of the products, B&Co focused on luxurious, highly effective and high-quality standards that have been fortified into their products. Aspiring to achieve perfection with their products, the team tirelessly met with hundreds of suppliers to carefully select and source the best ingredients and concoctions to include in B&Co Professionnel products.

Find B&Co Professionnel at Beauty & Co outlets and be amazed at our quality ingredients and effectiveness of our formulas.

B&Co. Premium Ginger Body Massage Oil 

B&Co. Lavendar Marine Body Salt

B&Co. Rice Brightening Body Lotion

B&Co. Bye Germs Hand Sanitizer