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Birth of Beauty & Co: Powered by the Self-Love Ideology

In our ever-changing world, trends come and go, some of them at a relatively fast pace. Over the recent years, one trend I have noticed that has steadily picked up especially amidst millennials is coworking spaces which have gained immense traction locally. This rise in this trend is exhibited through the increasing amount of coworking spaces in Malaysia. Despite being shared by employees of different organisations with no relations to each other, a coworking space provides many benefits to these organisations that are mostly small in size. Armed with my passion for constant innovation, I then thought of ways to integrate this trend into the beauty industry. 

This was how I joined the two and conceptualised Beauty & Co, now known as the first beauty coworking space in Malaysia. One of the obvious benefits of coworking spaces is being able to share the burden of rental with other people and that was my main aim with Beauty & Co – to remove the necessity of having to worry not only about asset management but also about manpower. With the onslaught of the pandemic, businesses and individual business owners alike are working towards saving as much cost as possible in order to keep the business afloat. With Beauty & Co, independent beauticians no longer have to agonise about the high rental rates at their workspaces as we provide fully-equipped facilities for a fraction of the price. Our treatment rooms are available for booking by appointment according to the necessary hours needed, allowing for flexibility in both timing and asset. 

When I created Beauty & Co., I envisioned it to be the go-to place where women can recharge themselves and leave looking and feeling their best while simultaneously benefitting fellow beauticians by providing them a healthy and safe working environment. I wanted to do more in hopes of empowering women to take the best care of themselves, so I shifted my focus onto the constant enhancement of the beauty industry by figuring out how I could best apply the coworking space concept to the beauty field, making sure to benefit my customers as well.

In line with encouraging and instilling the concept of self-love in as many women as possible, it was also the aim of Beauty & Co. to unite fellow beauticians within the industry from all walks of life under one common space to thrive together. With the common goal of providing customers top-notch beauty treatments facilitated by fair and equal access to state-of-the-art, legal and high-tech equipment using the latest technological advancements, this is in hopes of preventing unnecessary competition. Instead, we would like to build a community where beauticians are able to lean on and learn from one another. 

Beauty & Co. as a coworking space provides many benefits to beauticians in the industry – apart from being able to share rental fees, we provide all of our beauticians access to top-notch technology that we have invested over RM4 million on and they also do not have to worry about hiring help with the pre-existing availability of necessary staff such as front-of-house and cleaners. Oftentimes, the beauticians that join us work independently from home and therefore serve their customers in a home-based setting. At our centre, these beauticians will have access to our many well-equipped treatment rooms that we set-up and decorate to ensure optimum comfort for both beauticians and their customers. 

It was with foresight that we wanted to combine these two upcoming elements of shared spaces and technological beauty advancements to create a breakthrough in the industry. By quickly merging these two growing trends with promising potential, this will hopefully be a beauty game-changer and can help the community grow into something even bigger than what it is already now while simultaneously raising the industrial standards and empowering women along the way. 


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