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Celebrating International Woman’s Day with Beauty & Co.

On March, we celebrate the Women’s Month.

International Women’s Day is a vibrant celebration of the remarkable achievements and contributions of women across the nation. This day is marked by a plethora of events, ranging from empowering workshops to creative exhibitions, all aimed at highlighting the pivotal role of women in society.

This March, The Malaysian community comes together to honor this special occasion where Beauty & Co takes the initiative to sponsor a women empowerment talk at Temu House with Fearless Female, where woman entrepreneurs & speakers share their stories, to gather the community and encourage women out there who are looking into starting their own business.

It’s a day that not only commemorates the social, economic, cultural, and political successes of women but also serves as a call to action to increase women’s participation in the digital economy and other key sectors.

Well then stay tuned for more events coming up on this March! Catch more of our updates on our social media.