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Regenerate Your Skin. Regenerate Our Planet.

Founded in Parma, Italy, Comfort Zone is a brand under Davines Group. Arriving in Malaysia with ‘conscious skin science’ as their philosophy; Comfort Zone’s purpose is to create a good life for all skin care professionals, their clients and others whose worlds we share, however briefly. Being committed to being the best in the world, Comfort Zone envisions a balanced approach to beauty, strives for sustainability and builds relationships inspired by ethics.

As skin experts, Comfort Zone helps the skin’s ecosystem reach its optimal balance and vitality in an ever-changing environment, what is called the comfort zone of the skin. Following more than 20 years of constant research, Comfort Zone laboratory now takes inspiration also from their Scientific Garden and delivers high-end, clean, result-driven, sustainable skincare, combining the best of science and nature for truly enriching and unique experiences.

At Beauty & Co, we truly understand and appreciate the need for balanced sustainable skincare that achieves results you need. For you to feel at ease and surround ourselves with things and people that YOU love. Beauty & Co believes that we should protect our skin and body and make it healthy, vital and beautiful, just like Comfort Zone.

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