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Beauty & Co stands as a proponent of Conscious Beauty, a movement that encourages individuals to pursue their beauty aspirations with a mindful approach. Our commitment to raising awareness about Conscious Beauty stems from the belief that one should opt for safe, clinically proven methods that do not compromise personal well-being.

Why is Beauty & Co. championing #ConsciousBeauty?

Everyone possesses a distinct definition of beauty; Some reach for the stars, aspiring to perfection, others embark on a journey towards improvement and confidence, and for some, it’s a gentle embrace of self-care.

Whatever your aspirations, we are here to uplift and support you every step of the way. Yet, we advocate for a mindful approach to realizing your beauty dreams. Choosing safe, clinically proven methods, without compromising your well-being.

Beauty & Co celebrates every version of beauty, while championing the safety and integrity of your unique journey.

What is the dark side of beauty industry?

Prevalence of illegal clinics or self-claimed/fake doctors causing death due to improper procedures.

Unregulated or illegal supplements online and promoted by influencers causing cases of kidney damage, hair loss & etc.

Unsupervised crash diets and fad diets cause nutrient deficiency, unusual menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalance

Adverse skin and body reactions caused by beauty clinics using unlicensed, imitation machines claiming to be medical-grade

The #ConciousBeauty Campaign on TatlerMalaysia

Beauty & Co. together with Cherrie Chin, Datin Catherine Lai and Nurida Suraya and TatlerMalaysia, is creating awareness about Conscious Beauty with a campaign on the Tatler November 2023 Wellness Supplement.

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Founder's Message

As part of our mission to level up the beauty industry – We believe that the beauty industry is noble and with integrity. We have the privilege of touching people’s lives, fostering regained confidence, and offering solace through self-care. We believe that this industry deserves to be embraced, not feared.
And that is we are commitment to raising awareness on Conscious Beauty.

Beauty & Co and B&Co Clinic.

The 3 YES of Conscious Beauty at Beauty & Co

Certified & Registered

Beauty & Co. ensures that all their procedures are carried out in clinics certified and registered under the KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia), adhering to the highest standards of healthcare.

Science-Based Assurance

Treatments that uses only clinically proven equipment that has been certified by reputable organisations such as the FDA or holds a CE mark, reflecting adherence to international safety and health standards.

Approved Devices

The treatment devices used at Beauty & Co. are approved by the Medical Device Authority, ensuring that clients receive care from only the best and officially sanctioned technology.

Check the Clinic’s Premise Licence:
Verify the clinic’s license on the official government website to ensure that it is a legally operating premise.

Verify Doctor’s Medical Registration:
Check doctor’s credentials, including their Full Medical Registration with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

Verify Doctor’s
LCP Licence:
Check if the doctor has an LCP licence issued by the Ministry of Health’s Aesthetic Medical Practice Division.

Check the Medical Device Registration:
Verify treatment device’s registration with Ministry of Health to ensure it is medical-grade with high safety standards.

The 3 NOs of Conscious Beauty at Beauty & Co

No Unnecessary Risks

Beauty & Co. advocates for non-invasive procedures, promoting treatments that offer benefits without the significant risks associated with invasive surgery.

No Dangerous Crash Diets

Adopting safer dietary habits rather than resorting to extreme diets that can harm one’s health. Balanced, sustainable approaches to nutrition are recommended.

No Unregistered Supplements

Only safe and officially registered supplements should be used. Beauty & Co. cautions against unverified products that could pose health risks.

Check Supplement Registration
Verify the supplement or cosmetic product registration on the official government regulatory website (KKM NPRA) to ensure that registered with the Ministry of Health.

Our #ConsciousBeauty Advisory Panel of Experts

Medical Director
B&Co Clinic

Degrees of Bachelor of Medicine (MB)
Bachelor of Surgery (BCh)
Bachelor of Obstetrics (BAO)
Qualified Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner by American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)

Functional & Integrative Medical Consultant
B&Co. Clinic

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBBS)
Board Certified Functional & Nutritional Medicine (BCertFNMed)
Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (BTCMed)

#ConsciousBeauty Advocates

#ConsciousBeauty Consultants At Your Service

The Beauty & Co Clinic Difference

B&Co Clinic provides a multi-treatment approach that serves as a one-stop centre to solve all your skin and body problems. We focus on using the correct approach to your skin condition by using accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment suggestions by a verified aesthetic doctor. Don’t worry, you are safe with us!

Our state of the art equipments with the latest technologies are FDA Certified and our LCP Certified doctor will make sure that all treatments are administered according to guide-lined protocols while achieving the best possible result for you.

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