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Discover Intimate Wellness with EMSELLA

No More Rushed Trips to the Bathroom
Be the Master of Your Pelvic Muscles with EMSELLA

A sneeze, a skip, or a lunge sends you sprinting for the toilet at top speed. You have to fervently pray that you make it to the bathroom if you laugh just a little too hard. Sexual intimacy now takes far more effort and time than it used to. Do these scenarios all sound uncomfortably familiar? 

Well, incontinence is a very common condition affecting the quality of life of many people out there — especially those who have gone through pregnancy and childbirth. Alas, those with the condition regularly find themselves suffering from annoying urinary incontinence or diminished sexual satisfaction.  

Often, to improve quality of life, those suffering from the condition will resort to manual kegel exercises or — in some extreme cases — even surgeries to solve the problem of weakened or atrophied pelvic floor muscles. While these traditional solutions might be effective for some, they are not without their risks and shortfalls. 

This is where the BTL EMSELLA treatment swoops in to relieve the headaches and provide an ideal solution.


Emsella is an FDA-approved revolutionary technology that helps to significantly and effortlessly strengthen the pelvic floor muscles — banishing the plaguing incontinence trouble that tormented many. Here, the treatment offers a non-invasive, non-surgical, and completely comfortable solution that transforms women’s lives and quality of life all across the world.

With Emsella, you can expect the stronger pelvic muscles to not only help to reduce incontinence, but also improve sexual wellness and overall sexual satisfaction — boosting confidence in both yourself and your partner.

Re-Educate Your Pelvic Muscle
Delivers 12,000x Pelvic Floor Contractions

Short Sessions of Just 28 minutes

Non-Invasive & Non-Surgical 

Zero Downtime

Zero Pain

Ramin Fully Clothed

Walk-In Walk-Out Procedure

Postpartum Stress Incontinence

During pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles bear the weight of the baby — that’s an extra 10-15KG that is being carried for a staggering 9 months! The extra weight inevitably weakens the pelvic floor muscles, which also helps with bladder control. Here, the weakened muscles send a signal to the body that you need to urinate even when the bladder is far from full — causing incontinence.

Aging-related Incontinence

As we grow older, our pelvic muscles tend to degenerate and become weaker. In this case, it may cause the bladder to sag. In turn, this impairs its function and leads to leakages.

Improve Sexual Wellness

Strengthen pelvic muscles help to increase blood flow to the erogenous zones. This, in turn, makes it easier to reach orgasm as well as boost sexual satisfaction.

Emsella utilizes High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to trigger deep pelvic floor muscle stimulations. 

This is what is called the supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions. Here, the technology generates electromagnetic currents to create a magnetic field around the muscles. Then, the field triggers the contractions, which helps to give the pelvic floor muscles a workout. With the technology, your muscles are undergoing an intense workout — without you even having to exert any effort. 

These thousands of supramaximal contractions aid in re-educating the pelvic floor muscles — strengthening and tightening any atrophied and weakened muscles. 

Each session of 28 minutes triggers 12,000x pelvic floor muscle contractions, a feat that is made possible only with the help of Emsella. 

Manual kegel exercise involves gradually strengthening the pelvic floor muscles by regularly clenching and relaxing them for 5-10 minutes. While the exercise is effective, it is extremely time-consuming, tiring, and slow. Often, for women with weak pelvic floor muscles, it simply is not possible. 


Plus, with kegel, it is far from easy to tell if you are working the right muscles. You run the risk of doing it incorrectly and further weakening the muscles. In the best-case scenario, you can manage only about 100-200 kegels a day. 

Meanwhile, with Emsella, you can effortlessly stimulate over 12,000  supramaximal contractions in just 28 minutes — no intense focus required and no physical limitations to ground you. And, there is absolutely no risk that the technology will hit and stimulate the wrong muscles. 

First, there will be an in-depth consultation session with a certified advisor to help identify if this is the right treatment for you based on the history of urinary incontinence, the type of incontinence, and the causes of the incontinence. 

If you are the right candidate for the Emsella procedure, you will then change into comfortable clothes and your advisor will show you how to position yourself on the Emsella chair to achieve the best result. Your chair will be adjusted to fit your height. 

All you will feel are intense vibrations with some slight tingling or pulling sensation. Within the first 5 minutes of the treatment, you will feel contractions of your pelvic floor muscles. 

There will be absolutely no pain or discomfort. It will be a comfortable 28 minutes of just waiting out the treatment. We recommend bringing along a good book or maybe even a podcast to keep you occupied!

Improvements in incontinence should be apparent after the first session. However, the best results and the most noticeable difference are achieved after the first 4-6 sessions.

The Emsella solution Does Not require any

Invasive or Surgical Procedures


Pain and Discomfort

The EMSELLA solution Does Not require any

Invasive or Surgical Procedures
Pain and Discomfort
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