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Noticing lines on your face? Crows feet around your eyes, smile lines and forehead creases that you never noticed were there on your face? Sometimes age catches up to you with the harsh realities of these fine lines and saggy skin appearing on your face. With the right treatment and proper care, those lines and sagging will go away sooner than you think.

What is Face Lifting?

A face-lift is a procedure to create a younger appearance on your face. The procedure can reduce the sagging or folds of skin on the cheeks and jawline and other changes in the shape of your face that occur with age. As you get older, the appearance and shape of your face are naturally altered from factors such as aging and sun exposure. Your skin becomes less elastic and looser, and fat deposits decrease in some areas of your face and increase in others.

Face lifting

Face Lifting Works Great For:

  • Sagging appearance of your cheeks
  • Excess skin at your lower jawline
  • Deepening of the fold of skin from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth
  • Sagging skin and excess fat in the neck

Treatment for Face Lifting at Beauty & Co Clinic

With so many medical clinics providing HIFU Face Lifting Treatment, and so many different treatment options available in Malaysia, how do you make the right choice? If you’re looking for face lifting treatments in Malaysia, then you can consider Beauty & Co Clinic. We only want the best for you.

We provide services using hi-tech machines that are designed specifically for face slimming. You can explore your options for your treatments according to your required needs.

Exilis Ultra 360°

FDA Approved
The Exilis Ultra 360° is the only 360° radio frequency and ultrasound technology to tighten and shape all body parts, from head to toe.

Ultraformer III

KFDA Approved
The High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is designed to eliminate wrinkles and saggy skin on your face. Safe and effective in giving the face lift you’ve always wanted.

The Beauty & Co Clinic Difference

B&Co Clinic provides a multi-treatment approach that serves as a one-stop centre to solve all your skin and body problems. We focus on using the correct approach to your skin condition by using accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment suggestions by a verified dermatologist. Don’t worry, you are safe with us!

Our state of the art equipment with the latest technologies are FDA Certified and our LCP Certified doctor will make sure that all treatments are administered according to guide-lined protocols while achieving the best possible result for you.

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