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Featured on MalayMail: Founder Yap Yann Fang’s Vision for the Wellness Industry

Modernizing Beauty: Our Founder Yap Yann Fang's Innovative Approach to Wellness

Our founder Yap Yann Fang shared her vision with journalist of Malay Mail of her experience being in the dynamic world of beauty and wellness.

As the CEO and founder of Beauty & Co, she is on a mission to revolutionize the industry with integrity, expertise, technology, and education. Her journey has been marked by a deep understanding of the beauty business, leading her to spearhead Beauty & Co’s operations with strategic planning and execution. 

Our goal in Beauty & Co is not just to create a space for beauticians but to foster a community where innovation thrives. We aim to establish a platform that elevates the standards of beauty services. Our commitment to modernizing the industry is evident in our approach to integrating cutting-edge technology and fostering continuous learning among beauty professionals.

Here at Beauty & Co, is not just about providing services but about creating a legacy that empowers beauty entrepreneurs to achieve excellence and innovation.

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