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Product Features
  • 1x Express Blemish Spot Away Solution, 30ml
  • 1x Beetroot Betaine Hybrid Mask-Cleanser, 15g
  • 1x Blemish Control Clarifying Cream-In-Gel, 15g
  • 2x Black Tea Blemish Banish Serum, 5ml
Product Highlights
  • Acne/oily skin starter kit


Be prepared, always. Achieve clearer, fresher and healthiest-looking skin in B&B Labs’ complete Acne Starter Kit. Life without acne is a real thing. Start here.

Additional information


Skin with acne conditions including whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts.


✶Beetroot Betaine Hybrid Mask-Cleanser (15g)
We don’t just cleanse. We refine. Made from natural coconut oil and beetroot betaine (a by-product of sugar beet processing), this nutrient-rich mask-cleanser goes a step further than regular cleansing. The coconut oil provides natural hydration while the activated charcoal powder draws out impurities when used as a deep cleansing mask. With aloe vera juice as a natural moisturizer and Vitamin B3 to lighten and brighten the skin tone, regular use of this hybrid mask-cleanser gives you a visibly clearer, radiant and refined complexion.

✶Black Tea Blemish Banish Serum (2 x 5ml)
Your go-to serum to ward off those acne demons. A high-performance serum derived from a powerful concoction of black tea extract, tea tree oil, licorice root extract, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid, the Black Tea Blemish Banish Serum effectively halts acne formation in its tracks. Besides regulating sebum production, soothing and inhibiting inflammation, the serum also suppresses bacterial growth while boosting hydration levels for beautifully smooth and supple skin.

✶Blemish Control Clarifying Cream-In-Gel (15g)
The refreshingly light moisturiser your skin has been thirsting for. Your skin deserves full hydration with a light touch. Unlike regular moisturisers, the Blemish Control Clarifying Cream-in-Gel provides water-based hydration that moisturises like a cream, but leaves the skin feeling dewy-fresh like a gel. This cream-in-gel has the added effect of reducing blemishes while combating acne formation, leaving you with clear, radiant skin.

✶Express Blemish Spot Away Solution (30ml)
See a spot coming on? No stress. That’s why we created the Express Blemish Spot Away Solution — a fast-acting powdery formula that specifically targets all forms of acne including whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, cysts, and nodules. A powerful treatment for inflamed acne, this powdery solution has been proven to increase antimicrobial activity by 32% after 28 days of application.

How to Use

Apply a pea-sized amount of Beetroot Betaine Hybrid Mask-Cleanser for daily cleansing. Next, apply Black Tea Blemish Banish Serum followed by Blemish Control Clarifying Cream-In-Gel over the entire face, avoiding the eye contour area. For inflamed spots, dip a new cotton bud into the powder at the bottom of the Express Blemish Spot Away Solution bottle, taking care not to shake the contents, and dab onto affected areas. Wait until the powder has dried up before applying sun protection if used during the day. The above steps should be done day and night. If Beetroot Betaine Hybrid Mask-Cleanser is used as a deep cleansing night mask, apply enough to cover the whole face and leave on for 5 minutes before washing off in gentle circular movements.


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