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Intimate Beauty, The Art of Cultivating Her Secret Garden

First in Malaysia, Woman Essentials is the first intimate grooming range to pay careful attention to the cosmetic quality and texture of its products while addressing gynaecological issues, aesthetic concerns and woman’s quality of life, every day. Reigning from France, it is the first brand in the world to meet women’s daily needs with hygiene, beauty and pleasure essentials.

Its guiding principle is a guilt-free, hedonistic approach that makes the quest for beauty and pleasure accessible to each and every woman. These two-in-one products facilitate a woman’s everyday life and introduce a new way of caring for feminine intimacy. Woman Essentials is the first feminine hygiene product approved by gynecologists and its ingredients are 99% natural.

Beauty & Co believes a woman’s body is her temple, and it should be worshipped with only the best offerings. WE LOVE Woman Essentials as it really does bring the spice we need into the bedroom. With high praises from left and right, we are confident that you will love it too. Woman Essentials focuses on perfect precision with their formulations, performing hundreds of trials to achieve perfection and gently enhance particularly fragile areas of a woman’s body.

Women Essentials Brightening Replenishing Balm 

Women Essentials Brightening Replenishing Wash 

Women Essentials Déo Blanc (Brightening Deodorising Care Mist)

Women Essentials Brume Déo & Soin (Fresh Intimate & Body Mist)

Women Essentials Satin Moisturising Gentle Wash 

Women Essentials Soothing Conditioning BB Blam 

Women Essentials Deep Moisture Lasting Oil Lubricant 

Women Essentials Revitalizing Hyaluron Lubricant