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The Story of Beauty & Co.

Yap Yann Fang
Founder, CEO

As the CEO and Founder of beauty and wellness company- Beauty & Co, Yap Yann Fang aspires to be a game-changer in the beauty service industry. With over 20 years of industry expertise, she has developed a keen sense of acumen in this business and is now heading the operations of Beauty & Co, responsible for planning, strategizing, managing, and executing.

Established with one single goal in mind: to inspire individuals to look and feel their best by offering a safe, high-efficacy, and effective approach to assist them in becoming a better version of themselves.


Over the years, she recognized that building a sustainable beauty business is to be selfless and open in sharing knowledge to educate freelance beauticians and small beauty salon owners about the latest beauty and aesthetic trends. Having this great mission in mind, she launched the very first beauty co-working space in Malaysia, Beauty & Co Co-Working Space, with the goal of providing a space equipped with innovative products, certified by FDA-approved technology, and hands-on training to create a greater and credible beauty community while providing the beauty experience that people can trust.

In order to raise the industry standards, Yann also spearheaded the initiative of “Selling with Love”, with a sole purpose of raising awareness on ethical selling business practices and inspiring change for the better within the industry. She believes that businesses should be done with sincerity and integrity.


Dr. Kathryn Koh 
Medical Director, B&Co Clinic

(Degrees of Bachelor of Medicine (MB), Bachelor of Surgery (BCh), Bachelor of Obstetrics (BAO) Qualified Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner by American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)

Dr. Kathryn Koh obtained her Bachelor Honours of Medicine, Surgery and Art of Obstetrics at University College Dublin (National University of Ireland) in 2010 with honours and pursued her post-graduate qualification in Aesthetic Medicine from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).

As a beauty enthusiast herself, she is determined and driven to be an expert in aesthetic medicine, she honed herself with more than 8 years of experience. Dr. Kathryn believes that beauty starts from the inside out with elegance, confidence, and self-respect where she aspires to encourage and help her patients to feel the same, truly beautiful and comfortable with their own skin.

With years of devotion to doing what she does best, Dr. Kathryn is now the appointed Medical Director at Beauty & Co, specializing in skin rejuvenation and face contouring treatments such as Dermal Fillers and Botox. She aims to enhance her patient’s external appearance with minimally invasive treatments while still keeping them looking natural and authentic. She strongly believes that when clients are happy and confident in their own skin, it would naturally make them feel and look beautiful from within. 

Standing strong by integrity, her holistic yet safe approach is to make patients feel at ease while helping them to achieve the best versions of themselves without compromising their health, nor appearance. With that in mind, she ensures all treatments are customized individually based on the client’s face structure and features, as there’s no “one-size-fits-all” treatment approach with aesthetics. 

Despite the fact that the beauty industry is still surrounded by impractical aestheticians, Dr. Kathryn continues to live by the Hippocratic Oath to “prescribe only beneficial treatments, according to his abilities and judgement; to refrain from causing harm or hurt”. Her mission is to educate people on the importance of safe aesthetic treatments and to ensure the approach taken emphasizes on the priority of safety and efficacy above all else. 

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you.”

Yap Yann Fang, Founder of Beauty & Co